Aspire Concierge Care


Aspire Concierge Care is a nurse practitioner owned health and wellness center located in Highland, Indiana..

Employer Services

Employer Services such as

DOT physicals

DOT & NON DOT drug testing

alcohol testing

PPD testing

Mission and Values

Welcome to Aspire Concierge, a nurturing space founded by experienced nurse practitioner dedicated to enhancing your well-being. At my center, I believe in a holistic approach to health, focusing on preventive care, comprehensive wellness solutions, and personalized attention. As nurse practitioner, I aim to empower individuals and families by providing compassionate care, expert guidance, and innovative strategies to achieve optimal health. With a blend of clinical expertise and a deep understanding of patient needs, I am committed to being your trusted partners on your journey towards wellness.

Lab Services

Through our lab partners you can order labs  tests without AN ORDER NEEDED from your physician.  You can have your labs drawn in our office. (We also provide mobile testing for an additional fee)


DNA and Gender Reveal Testing

STD testing-Urine or blood

Rapid testing: Covid, strep, influenza. Pregnancy testing.

Care management:

Assistance with care coordination, navigation of the healthcare system, long distance caregiving, senior placement and more! Our nurse practitioner is also a certified case manager and aging life care association professional member.

Our Agency is a Professional Member of:

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