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DOT physicals

DOT physicals involve a thorough examination to assess the applicant’s health and fitness to operate commercial vehicles safely. This includes checking vision, hearing, blood pressure, heart health, respiratory fitness, and overall physical condition.

DOT drug testing

DOT drug testing adheres to specific guidelines outlined by the Department of Transportation. It’s mandatory for safety-sensitive employees in transportation industries such as aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, and pipeline.

NON DOT drug testing

Non-DOT drug testing is conducted in industries outside DOT-regulated sectors, such as corporate workplaces, healthcare, manufacturing, and other private sectors.

alcohol testing

Alcohol testing services aim to ensure workplace safety, minimize risks associated with impairment, maintain productivity, and comply with regulatory standards. By implementing alcohol testing protocols, employers strive to create safer work environments.

PPD testing

PPD testing helps identify individuals with latent TB infection, allowing for appropriate treatment or preventive measures to prevent the progression to active TB disease. It aids in controlling the spread of tuberculosis, especially in high-risk environments.


Immunization services play a vital role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and protecting individuals and communities from various illnesses. Immunization services significantly reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, promote public health, and contribute to healthier communities by protecting individuals from potentially serious illnesses.

Lab Services

Through our lab partners you can order labs  tests without AN ORDER NEEDED from your physician.  You can have your labs drawn in our office. (We also provide mobile testing for an additional fee)

DNA and gender reveal testing

DNA and gender reveal testing

It's essential to approach DNA testing, including gender reveal testing during pregnancy, with adequate information, understanding potential implications, and considering the accuracy and reliability of testing methods. Consulting healthcare professionals or genetic counselors can provide guidance in making informed choices.

STD testing-Urine or blood

STD testing-Urine or blood

When seeking STD testing, consulting healthcare providers or clinics specializing in sexual health is recommended. We can advise on appropriate testing methods based on individual circumstances and provide necessary guidance on prevention and treatment.

Rapid testing: Covid, strep, influenza. Pregnancy testing.

Rapid testing: Covid, strep, influenza. Pregnancy testing.

We offers rapid testing services designed to provide swift and accurate results for various health concerns. Our rapid testing capabilities encompass COVID-19, strep throat, influenza, and pregnancy testing, ensuring prompt and reliable diagnostics for our patients' needs.

care management

Our nurses can provide total care coordination, chronic disease management and advocacy for your loved one. We specialize in guardianship and long distance caregiving.

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